Congrads Brian

Wow was just talking to Brian Kennemer and found out that he is now working with Electronic Arts. Not sure how I managed to miss that post on his blog. Brian is a mega MS Project / Project Server guru and will be using his skills there to help EA manage projects and resources as a PM / Trainer / Consultant. What a cool job for him! Brain make sure the Godfather project doesn’t slip ok? I can’t wait for that one. Just kidding – congrads Brian!!

Makes me think I should be finding a video game company with a SharePoint deployment. :)

SuperBowl Ads

I haven’t been much of a football fan since I was much younger. Although since professional hockey has become extinct this year maybe I should have.

Anyhow I do look forward to SuperBowl every year for the ads – which you can check out online right now at iFilm. Pretty neat. Reminds me of the fun I used to get out of visiting AdCritic before it became crappy a few years ago.