SharePoint Customization and Web Sites

Was just chatting with Tariq for a moment and I gave him a few links of the recent web sites our team has launched that run on SharePoint. He mentioned that I should list them here since people are often wondering how far you can take customization with SharePoint…

So for anyone that might be wondering – here are a couple of the links that I know I can share with you.

First off our company’s website is done via SharePoint ( – not much sense preaching the goodness of SharePoint unless you are willing to use it yourself.

As well Shane has recently completed and (our .NET User Group). He is also working on the site for the Virtual SharePoint User Group which I will be posting about a little later.

We have done others but I wouldn’t post them unless I had permission from the site owners. Of course that is just one small element of what our team has been working on. Keep watching for more details on some web parts / components we are about to release as well as our soon to be launched SharePoint hosting service.

FYI if you are interested in being involved in any beta testing for some of our SharePoint components or the hosting service – drop me an email with some information on your background and experience with SharePoint. Cheers!

Update: Matthew Cosier is looking for samples of customization as well so if you have done anything cool feel free to comment here or on his weblog.

A Good Day

After 2 very busy weeks on the road…it’s good to be home.


Slept in…had brunch with my guy…made extra yummy latte (see above)…stayed in favorite PJ’s till noon…life is good!!

Now I’m looking forward to an evening visit from my bro and his family. Haven’t seen the kids in 3 weeks so I can’t wait!

Microsoft Announces Recall on Xbox Power Cords

Got this announcement notice from my dad this morning – it’s so cool that he is on the call on this stuff…

Microsoft Announces Power Cord Replacement for Xbox

REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 17, 2005 — As a precautionary measure and out of concern for consumer safety, Microsoft Corp. today announced that it will voluntarily replace the power cords on 14.1 million Xbox® consoles worldwide.
The replacement power cords are designed to protect consumers and their Xbox consoles from rare electrical component failures that can pose a fire hazard. Fewer than one in 10,000 consoles have experienced these component failures, and, in almost all instances, any damage caused by these failures was contained within the console itself or limited to the tip of the power cord at the back of the console.

However, in 30 consoles worldwide, these failures are reported to have caused minor injury or minor property damage. In seven instances, customers reported sustaining a minor burn to their hand. In 23 instances, customers reported smoke damage, or minor damage to a carpet or entertainment center.

In all regions except Continental Europe, Xbox consoles manufactured before Oct. 23, 2003, require a replacement power cord. In Continental Europe, consoles manufactured before Jan. 13, 2004, require a replacement power cord.

“This is a preventative step we’re choosing to take despite the rarity of these incidents,” said Robbie Bach, senior vice president of the Home & Entertainment Division at Microsoft. “We regret the inconvenience, but believe offering consumers a free replacement is the responsible thing to do.”

To order a replacement cord, consumers should go to and click on the Power Cord Replacement for Xbox link. Replacement cords will arrive two to four weeks after the order is placed. While waiting for the new cord to arrive, consumers should turn off their Xbox consoles when not in use.

More details available here…

No Season…No Real Surprise

I am really surprised at the fact so many claim to be shocked over the announcement today. Certainly people must have seen this coming. How great a season would it have really been even if the sides did come to an agreement? I have been a massive hockey fan since I was a tot. But frankly I just can’t get excited anymore this year over this strike. The system is broken and it needs to be fixed / rebuilt. I look forward to when this has happened.

The people I feel bad for are those (no not the players / owners) that make a living from the games and associated business – I am sure they have reason to be disappointed from the news today.

Godfather Preview

Team Xbox has a great intro and write up of the Godfather which will be released on Xbox later this year.

“Just as The Godfather films have raised the bar of cinematic achievement, EA’s goal is to create a new standard of gameplay and storytelling that goes beyond that of a game like GTA, by designing a world where the players serve as the directors of their own fully interactive extension of The Godfather saga. In order to pull this off, EA knows they have to set their sights much higher than the norm, and to do so they have secured not only the licensing rights to the film, its music and scenes, but they have also signed over 20 characters from the movie who will be lending their voices and likenesses to the game.”

The Godfather on Xbox

This is a very exciting move by EA and it further demonstrates the evolution of video games within the entertainment industry. For years we have wondered when movies were going to offer a more interactive experience – now we are beginning to see how that will be possible. Video games allow us to assume a lead role in a story.

And this is only the beginning…

John Porcaro is a Rock Star!!

Yep that’s right you heard (ahem read) it here kids! John Porcaro is now officially a rock star! A couple of weeks he had a great post on Microsoft’s email culture with some quick pointers on dealing with the overload. It was a great read and I was thrilled to see him back on the blogging train. (Umm I think that one swings by about 15 minutes after the cluetrain btw.)

Today I read on his blog that he was contacted by National Public Radio (NPR) and interviewed regarding some of his experiences with email. Pretty cool stuff!

Hopefully all this fame will keep him blogging for a while longer. I really do enjoy his posts about business, marketing and customers – and trust me, he knows a lot about each. Keep it coming John!