SharePoint Backup and Restore Sample

For those of you looking to develop a SharePoint Portal Server disaster recovery strategy in the near future (I hope you have something already!!) – check out the new sample released by MSDN.

The SPSBackupSample in this download (SPSBackupSample.exe) includes programmatic steps and code to demonstrate how to backup and restore all SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services sites in the server farm. The code shows how to write a backup and restore application for SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and to perform Web Storage System backup for backwards-compatible Microsoft Exchange Server document libraries.

Link via Patrick Tisseghem

Why Choose Microsoft

Arpan Shah had a great post last week called “Why Choose Microsoft for Your Portal” – it’s a must read for anyone considering the rollout of a portal in addition to anyone in a position to help someone with the decision of what portal platform to use. He does a great job at outlining some precautions to take when making such decisions and then he goes on to highlight some of the great features available through Microsoft’s portal offering.

Arpan makes solid reference to the things that need to be considered regardless of your typical platform preference. Whenever you are offering an opinion or guidance on a technical purchase for a company, it is imperative that you know what the company’s roadmap / vision is.

Over the past few years I have developed some great relationships with some of our clients because I have taken the time to recognize the solution that supported their organizational roadmap. In the end the client feels great because they are one step closer to their long term vision and I feel awesome because I am helping them get there and that feels pretty darn good.

Driving Decompressions

A pleasant re-discovery for me recently was when I stumbled back upon Michael Wolf’s weblog after a few months. Apparently my RSS Feed hadn’t been updating properly because I hadn’t realized he was posting again. In fact he isn’t just posting he is podcasting. It’s a great little show that features a variety of topics including of course gaming and electronics. Check it out!

Thanks to John for the reminder. Great to see John back blogging again! Always an awesome source for inspiration and good reading.

New Home

After nearly 8 months of paying for 2 web hosting accounts because I was too lazy (well busy) to transfer our various sites and projects to the new hosting provider – my blog finally has a new home.

I still have about 4 months worth of posts to import and I need to restore my blogroll – which was in serious need of some updating anyhow. For now I am just using one of the standard MovableType stylesheets / templates but I am sure before long I will be poking away at that as well. Unfortunately for the short term I need to disable the comments – 400+ bogus comments a day have rendered the system useless for me. Sorry to anyone who wanted to offer their input on anything I write – please drop me an email and I will get back to you. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

Of course not only does my weblog have a new home but so do I. Shane and I moved into our new house on December 20th. It is our first house and while the whole construction process was a royal pain in the %#% – it feels great to be “home”. We took a couple of weeks off work for Christmas and finally have just about every thing unpacked.

Another plus of the new house is the fact that it is 6 minutes from work. No kidding – we can come home for lunch, prepare lunch, eat and then play Xbox for 20 minutes. Does it get any better than that? So if anyone sees me sign in via Xbox alerts in the middle of the day – I’m on lunch. :)

For those of you that signed up for the Virtual SharePoint User Group – expect to hear from me very soon on how to log into our website and how things are going to get started. I’ve been spending a lot of time “listening” to the community lately and it’s given me some new insight on where some of the needs really exist. Thanks to Shane and Tariq for all your great ideas and support so far.

Almost Back

It’s been a while since my last post. I pulled my weblog offline for a short while due to a change I had to make in hosting providers and some issues I was experiencing with my previous configuration. I am currently in the processing of restoring my old posts and will then be back to posting as normal.

Lots to write about…