Do I Want a Nintendo DS?

Well it’s been about 2 weeks since the DS has been released and I still haven’t broken down and gotten one. Really…between you and me I am a little surprised. I am really quite the gadget freak so new things like this really get my attention.

Maybe it’s the hunger I am still feeling over my 2 new favorite Xbox games that I just can’t find enough time to play (Fable and Halo 2). Is it because I like big screens and bulky controllers. Or is it just because even if I liked small screens – none of the games I like would be playable. Who knows.

It’s not because I don’t see a fit in my life for a portable gaming device. If it were up to me I would take my Xbox with me on every business trip. Nothing would beat the boredom of being in a hotel room by yourself more than a riveting round of Halo Multiplayer on Xbox Live. The DS was a temptation from the perspective of being able to take gaming more conveniently on the road but to be quite honest it’s not the gaming in transition that I care about – it’s the gaming when I get there that I want.

The perfect portable gaming device for me? A small handheld device that I can play wherever I want with the standard built in mini-screen – but something that can also be plugged into a normal TV when I get where I want to go and be used strictly as a controller. Oh yah and while I am wishing – it should have lots of memory so I don’t have to drag around my iPod and all my games.

In the meantime – I will continue to fight off the call of the Nintendo DS.