Virtual SharePoint User Group

I was thinking…scary I know!

After talking to a couple of different SharePoint ug leaders (thanks Kris and Paul) in the past few weeks – I started thinking about how could we go about setting up a user group for SharePoint where geography would not be a limitation for members.

I know being here in Newfoundland there aren’t THAT many people that have been bitten by the SharePoint bug for me to start up a Newfoundland chapter the same way I did for say our .NET User Group.

But given the fact that the group would be centered around the greatest collaboration tool on the planet (at least I think so) – we could certainly do something that people could enjoy from all over the world. Between LiveMeeting, a SharePoint portal, PodCasts etc… what would we have to lose?

One thing I know is that the thirst for knowledge on SharePoint has grown tremendously in the past 6 months. My referral logs tell me so as do the growing number of email messages I get each week (which I love so keep them coming!). A community exists within the blogosphere but I’d like to connect everyone a little further. I’d also like get some more people involved.

Any thoughts?