Web Part Maintenance Page

Steve sent me this link this morning. Sweet!

We had a major headache last month on a project we were doing because we were getting this annoying SoapServerException error and couldn’t find a way to access the web part maintenance page. We were held up from development for about an hour while we were scrambling to try and figure out why noone was able to access the page anymore via Frontpage – Let alone understand what had happened to cause it. We eventually got it fixed but this way is much cleaner.

In the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 830342, entitled “Soap:Server Exception of Type Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException” Message Appears When You Try to Edit a Portal by Using FrontPage there are a variety of solutions which probably do work. However, one of the solutions mentions opening up the web part page maintenance page.

In order to do this, simply append “?contents=1″ to the URL of the page. For example:


Presentations from Sharepoint Dev Conference 2003

Daniel McPherson points to a bunch of presentations from the Sharepoint Developers Conference in 2003.

The goal of this conference was to give developers an opportunity to get familiar with some of the key SharePoint technologies (Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Web Parts, FrontPage 2003, InfoPath 2003, and more). Therefore for some of you that are just getting started with SharePoint development, these sessions may prove helpful to you.

By visiting this link you can download some of the presentations that took place:

Sessions included:

D306: Microsoft SharePoint Application Architecture
(Download 58972 KB)
D310: Deploying Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies
(Download 57362 KB)
S270: Introduction to Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003
(Download 58982 KB)
T233: Developing Custom Microsoft SharePoint Solutions with Microsoft FrontPage
(Download 110263 KB)
T250: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services: End-to-End Security Model
(Download 57400 KB)
T302: Programming the Microsoft SharePoint Object Model, Web Services, and Events
(Download 74697 KB)
T304: Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Object Model and Web Services
(Download 57220 KB)
T310: Debugging, Packaging, and Deploying Web Part Applications
(Download 63066 KB)
T321: Microsoft FrontPage: Build XML Data-driven Web Sites
(Download 121789 KB)
T330: Connecting Enterprise Applications to Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server v2.0
(Download 106865 KB)
T350: Building Applications with People Objects in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
(Download 57709 KB)
T401: Building Administrative Applications for Microsoft SharePoint
(Download 131999 KB)
T406: Mobility Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies
(Download 46900 KB)
T407: Building Custom Microsoft SharePoint Sites with Templates and Site Definitions
(Download 69619 KB)
T409: Search Extensibility 1: Using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Search Technology
(Download 109809 KB)
T410: Search Extensibility 2: Extending the Reach of Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Search Technology with Protocol Handlers and IFilters
(Download 58000 KB)
T413: Microsoft Office 2003: Instant Messaging and Alerts in Microsoft SharePoint
(Download 74123 KB)
T416: Creating Web Parts with Connections
(Download 73495 KB)
T419: Workflow Options 2: Document Library Events and Building Workflow Solutions in Microsoft SharePoint
(Download 85735 KB)

Advice From the Sales Process Diva

Lori Richardson, the sales process diva (I love that title), recently wrote about the great places where a person can find inspiration. She writes:

“When I can’t solve a problem or figure something out, I go somewhere creative. Often it is in a natural setting, because nature is an amazingly creative environment. Other times I will go somewhere like a museum.”

I completely agree!

Once Spring decides to visit our little Island (it’s been invited but hasn’t shown up yet), there will many sunsets viewed by Shane and I from along side our favorite fishing and/or camping spots. It’s when I am kicked back with nothing to listen to but the water brushing gently against the shore and nature’s creatures singing their beautiful songs that I feel most alive and at peace with the world. There are coyotes too but I try and tune those out.

It’s from places like these that I am often able to generate new ideas that would likely never enter my head from behind a desk. As Lori says – “it’s a great way to look at things with new eyes.”

Also a great reason to have a Tablet or Pocket PC handy at all times.

Gamertag For Yo Doctor

Note to Self:

Next time I have to go under the knife…invite the Doc over for a few rounds of Counter Strike.

Well according to this article I should….

Researchers found that doctors who spent at least three hours a week playing video games made about 37 percent fewer mistakes in laparoscopic surgery and performed the task 27 percent faster than their counterparts who did not play video games.

I don’t know if video games improve my ability to do my job but I do know that they are a great release and escape at the end of a hard days work. Usually every day I can come home and game for an hour or two and then dig in for another couple of hours of solid work or research in the evening, feeling completely refreshed and stress free.

May not work for everybody…but then again maybe they just haven’t found the right game.

Disclaimer: It helps to have a partner that enjoys gaming as much as you do.

CNET Article on Sharepoint

From CNET: Sharing the love–and data–through SharePoint

Mmmmm Sharepoint Love. Glad to see I am not the only one who has it. John Porcaro recently shared his feelings on the Office 2003 system including SharePoint:

“I get so excited (maybe I’m just a little too passionate) about what SharePoint and the other Office applications can do for our business. And I just love building tools to help our partners work more effectively with us–still tons and tons of potential.”

SharePoint Configuration Analyzer

The SharePoint Configuration Analyzer is finally available for download. You would not believe the awful search I went through looking for this puppy a little over a week ago. It was referenced in the Sharepoint Admin Guide but could not be found in the Download Center. After speaking with the Live Help from the Partner Site and having no luck I realized that it must have just been an error in the guide and the tool wasn’t actually released yet.

On a brighter note, Laura John was nice enough to promise to nag that it get added asap for me. What a gal!

In case you are wondering what this is:

SharePoint Configuration Analyzer is a diagnostic tool that verifies settings on your server that are critical to running Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services or Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and to hosting Web Parts on your server. SharePoint Configuration Analyzer also reports on Web Part usage on your server and retrieves a set of log files, configuration files, and Web Part packages used by Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Portal Server, and Internet Information Services (IIS). In a server farm configuration, running SharePoint Configuration Analyzer on each front-end server is a useful way to find and repair inconsistencies in server configurations and to ensure that all Web Part assemblies are deployed on all front-end servers.

Thanks to Daniel McPherson for the link!