Back to Posting…Bits and Bytes

Not much posting going on right now, I guess I have taken a mini hiatus. Work has been very busy but is going great. Looks like all our hard work at shaping Sharepoint into a sellable solution for us is really paying off, so I couldn’t be happier.

Unfortunately however there hasn’t been much time for blogging but I have posted some things over at so be sure to check those out. Of particular interest is the Xbox Live Event that is taking place tomorrow that lets you race Michelle Rodriguez in PGR2. Quite cool!

Rodriguez will be waiting for you online from 2:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. (PST) on Friday, March 12, 2004. There?s no need to register; simply get on Xbox Live and send a Friend Request to MRodriguez.

In other news, I am getting a new Tablet soon. Woot!! More news on that later but I am pretty excited. Tabby is moving on to a better place – I will miss her but bring on the power baby.

On a closing note, check out this video that reminds me of when my mother would watch me when I was a child…well kinda (I was always her lil’angel).

Colour Me Sooky

Just finished typing up a long post that I considered both insightful and brilliant. Well not really but it was pretty damn decent. Then the power goes. Only for 10 seconds but just enough for me to lose my post. So I am dedicating this entry to the post that never was. Maybe if I feel like it I will try again later but for now I must go drown my frustrations and BBQ with my man. At least if the power goes again, we can still eat.

Yup that’s right, its -8 outside and we are grilling baby!! See I feel better already.

Xbox Solution Gets It!

It’s funny. I have been to the site many times and use it as a regular source for Xbox and game related information. But tonight I found this gem written a couple of weeks ago by the site owner that really hit home with me on a few things.

Aside from being female gamers, I’m beginning to think Christina and I may have quite a few things in common. (1) We both started gaming on an Intellivision (2) We both have kickass boyfriends that support and share our interests and (3) We both really like the Xbox and the relationships that can be built through gaming.

Here are a couple of my favourite excerpts:

As a female gamer I didn’t feel comfortable going to a lot of sites, they didn’t take me seriously and minimized my thoughts and posts. So Jason being the web guru he is created Xbox Solution along with my support so people have a place to respect and value everyone’s opinions and thoughts, no matter what age, sex or creed they may be. It’s not easy being a female gamer, you walk in to pick up a game and they say “oh, your boyfriend like first person shooters huh”… no dumbass, I do!


It’s not just about games anymore, it’s about building relationships, it’s about knowing your friends, on live and in the games. I love the fact that I can talk to people on the forums and know them almost as if I really knew them face to face. I know Jim has dogs like I do, I know Nadia was newly promoted and is doing well, I know Alpha waits til the last minute to do his reports for school, I know Amutt doesn’t talk much, I know I’d like to take a dip in Rockk’s pool, I know Gameman is funny as hell and has wonderful grandchildren, and they all know I just changed my job, I also know we all get hungry at 1:00 am and the gaming stops for 20 minutes or so to take a snack break. It’s a bit more than knowing they can frag me.


When I look back at it, it still amazes me. Some people say games are childish, I think not. People use many vices to get through the tough times of life… drugs, alcohol, criminal activities, what do I do, I read a book or pick up a game. It helps me relax, it helps me cope, and I like to think that I too help others in the process, and it’s something me and Jason enjoy that helps bring us even closer together.

Gender Bias for the Apprentice??

Alison Overholt posts an interesting piece over on the Fast Company Blog about Trump’s “The Apprentice” show and a recent article published in Newsweek. She raises a good point in saying that the article’s gender emphasis on the female participants is unfair. I agree completely with Allison.

However, unfortunately I can’t help but feel that these particular women haven’t done a great job at positioning themselves as equals in the show or the business world. I still can’t get the garbage that took place during the first few episodes out of my head. What WAS that?? As I watched I suddenly felt my knees buckle as any progress that those of us have made in the business world got tossed aside like a piece of ratty cardboard. (Not really but I am trying to stress my displeasure with their behaviour)

In my opinion the women participants were acting like idiots by implying through their actions that they didn’t need real skill to succeed…they could just flash a little booty and men would give them whatever they wanted. As well even after those games ended, the lack of emotional control and constant bickering from some of the participants was just unacceptable. Not a great display of the real skills a woman (or man) can bring to the boardroom table in my opinion.

I didn’t care that the women were winning in the early episodes – in fact I started rooting for the guys. It was only when Donald told the girls to knock it off that I started to really enjoy the show. I mean it’s STILL Reality TV but it is better than most.

All that being said, when it comes to turning around those rinky dink pretend projects over the span of a couple of days – I could kick all their asses any day of the week.

Personalized Avatars

It is so hard to capture your true self through an avatar but here is a pretty cool flash app that can help you out. I found this on the Viral Marketing blog and happen to think it’s pretty neat.

I like following the viral marketing blog because it gives you the run down on all the popular new silly things floating around on the web. I’m a fan of viral marketing as a concept. (As I have mentioned in the past) I like any idea that engages the user enough to want to pass it around to others they know. Isn’t that the perfect scenario for a marketer?

Doom 3 Details

Doom 3 is expected out for PC this April (sweet! but highly unlikely all the same given the lack of publicity) However whenever it comes, what is really exciting is that the Xbox version will be arriving shortly after. Check out this this story from for the latest info.

While Microsoft announced way back at last year’s E3 that Doom 3 is Xbox-bound, we’ve had very little in the way of details on it. Although the fact that development didn’t start on the Xbox version of the game until last July – two months after it was first confirmed – may have something to do with this.

The game is reportedly not just a straight port of the PC original but has been partially rewritten specifically for Xbox. However, the game will retain the entire physics and lighting system of the PC game, while the hard drive will be used to handle textures and sound.

Developers id Software have also said that the Xbox is the only console currently capable of running Doom 3, with neither PS2 or Gamecube up to handling the game’s graphics, lighting, sound and bump mapping (which simulates the bumps or wrinkles in a surface without the need for geometric modifications to a model).

As for the game’s release date, we know only that the Xbox version is expected to hit shelves shortly after the PC game. Speaking of which, it has been reported that the PC version will go on sale in the US on 15 April, with a UK release to follow a day later. This date apparently stems from a source at the US sales department of publishers Activision.

However, the company have still yet to officially confirm a release date for the game and the idea that it’ll be on sale in just seven weeks appears to be optimistic, at best. We’ll keep you posted on Doom 3 though as soon as we hear anything.

Gamer.TV Idol?

Think you have what it takes to be a star? Do you think you can change the world, one gamer at a time? If so you might want to read this article from IT Vibe.

Remember TV shows such as GamesMaster and Bad Influence? Remember sitting there thinking anyone could do Dominik Diamonds job of running round and hyping up a challenge to complete Sonic in 17 seconds? Now’s your chance? has announced the launch of a nationwide search for two new TV presenters to front an all-new computer and videogames TV show.

They are looking for two TV presenters – one male and one female – who are gaming experts and have no problem coping with the excitement of TV production.

Applicants need to have outgoing personalities and an enthusiastic greed for all things computer and video gaming.

And a plus point is previous TV presenting experience is not necessarily needed.

If you think you have what it takes to become a star, or you know someone who you think has the talent, you need to contact

They are promising that the new show will be both entertaining and totally credible. Full details will be released later in the year.

I Feel Dirty

Just before heading out of the office to spend the day at a client’s, I received an IM from one of my co-workers stating that he just received a message from one of my accounts that had a virus attached to it. Ewwww!!

Instantly I started to itch from head to toe. However all I could do at the time was yank out the network cable from my machine and run out the door. All the while feeling very uneasy. I don’t open suspicious email. I keep all my machines well patched. I have Norton Antivirus installed and up to date with definitions. I never really download much except from legitimate sites. Yet I can’t help but wonder if my skin is about to fall off any minute.

I proceeded through my nearly 5 hour long seminar / demo on Project Server and Sharepoint (went well thanks) but all the while in my head I was wondering if I was indeed infected.

So now I sit here shivering, even after scanning every machine I own and reading on Symantec?s site that the latest threat (which looks like a bad one) spoofs the sender address (which I suspected anyhow). Yet I still feel dirty.