Lazy Weekend

I decided last night after leaving work late that I needed to take some down time this weekend. Our team managed to get a major deliverable out the door last night and while it felt great, I also felt exhausted both mentally and physically after several steady weeks of F-O-N (Flat-Outted-Ness).

The good news is now that I get to shift gears again and jump into something I have been dieing to work on for ages. I will discuss that in greater detail in a different post. (I know I know the suspense is killing you)

I had planned to spend the weekend with my brother and his family but that didn’t work out because I was too late getting home last night. So Shane and I watched a couple of movies and chilled out. The kids did have a great time last night on Halloween and I thank my bro for all the great pictures. Way to use that new camera!

Shane and I have also been surfing the web tonight checking out a tonne of different sites. Nothing overly unusual, especially for him (I bet there isn’t anything he can’t find or hasn’t already found on the web) But in particular, we have been visiting old sites that we used to watch years ago and seeing how (if at all) they have changed. It?s been pretty funny. There are those that continue to dazzle, those are still quite burnt and then those that haven?t changed but still make us laugh.

I am also catching up on some reading this weekend. Since things have been so hectic I haven’t been spending as much quality time with my Safari subscription or ebooks (oh and yes I do have some real books too). That is about to change.

I have been enjoying the buffet of information that came out this week from the PDC. Thanks to the bloggers for all their great work. I managed to sneak some posts in this week whenever I got a free chance but I am enjoying this opportunity to really absorb some of this great information.