New Photoshop

Now I know what Shane wants for Christmas this year….hmm or maybe Halloween. He is totally stoked about all the new features. Apparently a lot of the things that were listed on his old site, are there. Looks like Adobe does a good job of listening to its community. I love seeing that. I have always been a big fan of Adobe but then again I think that comes from being with a graphic guru for 6-7 years. I know their products have served him well over the years.

WinFS, Avalon and Indigo

The Longhorn Pillars

Some of my favorite items discussed:

“New services for migration from one machine to another. Aim is to reduce the work necessary to rebuild a machine or copy settings from one place to another.”

“Most importantly, we have moved to a “declarative programming model”. XAML is a markup language that enables you to separate code from content. With XAML, you build up the UI design as an XML file, with code-behind partial classes implementing the underlying functionality. The XAML gets compiled into a partial class too, and together they make up an executable.”

“WinFS provides a schema-based structure that allows for metadata to be created and searched in an arbitrary order. No longer are you limited to a hierarchical file system structure – you can drill down according to dynamically-chosen properties. Longhorn will include some standard schemas (for example, people, calendars and documents); you can extend these schemas or build your own.”

Where am I?

“Where am I and what am I actually doing here?”

That has been a question that I have been asking myself quite frequently lately. One might think this means that I am a deep person – seeking an answer to an eternal question that has puzzled man for many years.

Perhaps one would even conclude that I am at a critical stage in my life (at the ripe ol’ age of 26) where I am comparing my current position in life to my overall roadmap for success. That all sounds pretty good…doesn’t it. Too bad that’s not the context I have been asking it in.

For the past 3-4 weeks I am constantly finding myself driving the car and going….dude where the heck am I and how did I get here? My mind is constantly spinning between work and other things going on. Pretty dangerous really. I start wondering…did I run any lights? Quick check in rear view for flashing lights or angry pedestrians….nope all looks good.

Luckily for me no matter how frantic things get, I got a wonderful guy that will keep me smiling. Whether its picking me up from work with the trunk loaded up to go have a picnic and relax near a pond or just sending me links like this when he knows I need a laugh. He’s the best and I thank God every day for him.

Finally got XBox Live Working

Ok now that whatever was wrong with the XBox is fixed – I can say the Live setup was a breeze (minus entering in all the contact/billing info to start). I don’t know what happened when we tried to configure it before but no wonder the people on the phone didn’t know what to tell us. There is literally nothing to it. Put cd in…auto update…auto restart…enter info…done. Now I just need to load up on some games. :-)

If anyone wants to suggest a good game or play one drop me a line. I am generally a sucker for sports, racing or shooting games.

I Just Became a Statistic

Yup today is Election Day. The turnout this year seems higher than the last few elections. This pleases me since I don’t think there is anything sadder than people not utilizing their right to vote. There are too many people in this world suffering because they don’t have the rights/means to make a change.

I would rather see someone spoil a ballot in protest than sit on their butt and do nothing. On the same note everyone should take the time to understand their choices and make good decisions. I guess that goes for all aspects of life doesn’t it?


I installed Newsgator today and have to say I really like it so far. I had been using Sharpreader for past 6 months or so and didn’t have any real problem with it. But as soon as I was told that you could forward blog entries as email I was intrigued. I like the UI better too. Not to mention I have Outlook open pretty much 24/7 so it just makes sense to me.