Project 2003 has Rocked My World

Well not yet but I am still pretty pumped. We got it from MSDN last Friday and all I can say is WOW! I have been eating up the latest version of Sharepoint ever since it was released for Beta. But unfortunately I haven’t even seen Project 2003 until now. Guess I got some playing to do.

Project Server, Sharepoint and the rest of the Office 2003 system are going to change project tracking and collaboration for good. So easy to use. So flexible. And so perfect for those of us that love to organize things and share key information with others. It even has a risk list!! Ironically it?s almost identical to a custom risk list I made in our Beta install for Sharepoint for tracking projects. I guess that is correlated with the fact that mine was based directly on the MSF.

If anyone ever has any questions about how/if they can use Sharepoint or other tools in the Office System to help them, drop me a line. Likewise if you have picked up on something cool that you wanted to share, I would also love to hear from you. It’s all about sharing!

PC Video Card

Did I ever mention that I love my video card. I have had it for about a year now and since I have been using my desktop less lately, I forgot all about it really.

I wanted to tape something coming on TV and was just about to resort to looking for a blank video tape when I remembered that I can just use my All in Wonder Card. I have had this card for a while and its definitely not the latest/greatest but it is perfect for me. Its not a great gaming card but since I haven’t run a video game on my computer in at least 6 months, that is really not a problem for me.

My only real complaint is pretty consistent with my complaint about most ATI video products I have had, and that is the drivers. Although I have also found NVidia’s drivers awful for the past 12 months or so as well.

Why Blog?

Scoble asks “So, why do you blog? If you don’t blog, why not?”

Good question really. I guess I blog for a couple of reasons:

1) Its a neat way to keep those that live nearby and far away up on what’s going on here in my neck of the woods. I always messed around with personal websites that were a pain in the butt to maintain and keep fresh/current. With my blog I can just throw a few pics online of a weekend get together or send a quick shout out to someone far away.

2) Its for me. My blog is the one thing that I write that is completely for my benefit. I spend much of my professional life working on items that require collaboration or affect various other people. My blog is about me and for me. Anyone is welcome to drop by to read or comment. But if you don’t like it…

3) I spend so much time reading other people’s blogs that it just makes sense to have one myself.

4)I like blogging better than any other form of Internet communication (well maybe not as much as IM). Email has its benefits but outside of work I do not use it much. Newsgroups are too agressive – there is always someone looking for a flame. Chat rooms are too intrusive. ASL?

5)While I may not use it as much as I want, I like having a place where I can write openly about things that matter, or just subjects that I find interesting. Its a way to express yourself on topics that you wouldn’t normally have an avenue to.

6)All the cool kids are doing it!

Safari Bookshelf

Now that the XBox is out of the picture, I can focus my efforts on more important things. Such as reading! I got a new subscription to Safari Online and I LOVE IT. So many books to read…so little time. Sadly I get as excited in a bookstore as most other females get in a clothing store. In fact, its the only place that I enjoy shopping.

The tablet really makes reading even more enjoyable. I just can’t say enough about how sweet it is to curl up in bed each night with the tablet on my lap and a wireless connection. The only thing I would like to improve is battery life but then again, who doesn’t?

Buh Bye XBox!

Well my XBox issues seem to have been resolved. Well not really but the guy Shane was talking to today said they would be sending us a box to ship ours back to them. I assume the purpose of the box is to cover shipping costs. Which seems pretty cool.

It kind of sucks that we will be losing the xbox for a while though. Espeicially after just spending about $200 on new games and the live pack last weekend. Oh well, could be worse. At least they are willing to fix/replace it in some way.

IQ Tests?

I just did a free online IQ test. I am not sure how accurate it was but of the 2 I did, my score varied by 1 point. So I conclude that either they were both very accurate or everybody gets the same score. Personally I expect that everyone gets the same score.

Here is a link to the second one I did. I scored 136 on this one. I attribute the single point loss to me getting sick of answering questions by the end of this one. I bet I would have really done well if I had used a calculator hehe. Computers are ruined my ability to…

Anyways let me know if anyone gets same score. I am convinced online ones like this are rigged. I wouldn’t mind doing a real one for fun.

10.1 Downfalls of Computers

1. You start to realize that you don’t know what half of your good friends look like in real life.

OK good now let?s work on other half.

2. You suddenly realize your diet consists mainly of coffee, hyper-caffeinated soft drinks, take out food, coffee, and vending machine foods. Did I mention coffee?

This one kind of sucks but one can always use Photoshop to improve thyself.

3. Spam

Spam is indeed evil however maybe there are people who want to receive 100 messages on how to get out of debt every day and increase their component size. For those of us who don’t I always fancied this story.

4. Newbies

It is true that it can be frustrating to walk someone through a seemingly simple process that has no clue what you are talking about. It is even more frustrating when this person starts to cuss you out because they DO NOT have a start button in the bottom left of their screen and never had. (Mind you its there) However let?s face it; there are bad drivers, bad dressers, bad singers and bad skaters in this world. Logically there are those that just don?t get it when it comes to computers and should probably stay away.

5. 1337 People

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it is very unpleasant to be around those that still continue relish that small bit (no pun) of information they know over the rest of the population and vow to not only fight evil monsters (Microsoft) and adopt a complete open source, windows free, unix driven world but constantly blab in my ear about it. If you don?t like it?don?t use it. Just don?t jump down the throat of anyone who acknowledges a way in which they can improve their job or life by using an MS product.

6. Pop Up Ads

Have you ever opened your front door and had a flyer jump out of your mailbox and hit you in the face? If not, me neither. If so, I bet you found it annoying and that is pretty much the same level of violation I consider pop up ads to operate on.

7. Your computer cannot pick out your clothes for you.

Well at least most can?t. *wink* But I do dream of a day when your house can be occupied with enough technology to have my clothes laid out for me, coffee brewed and shower heated to prefect at the same time my alarm clock goes off.

8. Size does matter.

In the computer world size is a very important concept and sometimes somewhat contradictory. Monitor screens must be larger but the thickness and amount of space it occupies should be minimal so in actual fact smaller. Laptops should be thin and light but with big screens, wide screens or small screens depending on user. Input devices should be small enough so that they can be considered sleek and stylish but big enough to actually operate efficiently.

9. Flame Throwers / Parasites

They hang out in news groups, chat rooms and other dark corners of the Internet, waiting for new prey. These people remain silent (generally having nothing useful to add) until some poor soul makes the unfortunate mistake of a typo or grammatical error. One could speculate that these people offer an element of order in a world overridden with shorthand, geek speak and slang. Personally I just think they lack anything original to offer so therefore are left to grab wildly at the obvious.

10. Email Top Ten Lists

Because everyone knows that blog lists are better.

Still No Luck with XBox Live

I missed a call from XBox Live Tier 2 support today from my ticket created late last week. I tried calling back but apparently there was no information left on my ticket so the Tier 1 guy had to escalate my ticket again. Doh! Hopefully we should hear something soon.

I wish there was a live chat component for their technical support. Phones are evil!! I guess it may not be practical for most users but I would love nothing more than to be able to give a person my ticket number over IM and get any updates. Or even better, enter my ticket into some sort of search tool and query their ticket tracking system. Ahh the life of an Introvert.

Will Your Life Matter?

This was a question that was thrown out by our pastor yesterday morning that has somewhat clung to me for that past 48 hours. Obviously it goes without saying that YES! Everyone’s life DOES matter. But then again, are we using what we have to the best of our abilities?

I personally often put the greatest acts of selflessness off till a day when it is more convenient. I always pictured myself as someone who would be a great contributor to the community – but I am more focused on accomplishing wealth and success first. Then I figure it will be easier for me to do so. But in actual fact the only thing I am doing is making me feel better about doing nothing today.

It would be great to be like Bill and Melinda and donate billions of dollars to help combat diseases like Malaria and HIV/Aids. In fact, many of us tell ourselves that we most definitely would if we had such wealth. Heck we would give twice as much. But in the same breath would hesitate to cough up a $5 for a less grandeur charitable experience.

There are those that turn up their noses as such an act. Stating that it is merely for tax purposes or publicity. Why do people take such an act and turn it into something so negative? For starters, there are a lot of charities to which tax benefits could be obtained. Not all have such a massive impact on an area of our world that has suffered tremendously or have lost so many innocent people to disease. And a donation of $5 million would gain as much publicity as $50 million dollars. Yet this particular foundation has given billions over recent years towards health research.

Not to mention they have actually taken time off their busy schedules to go visit these areas in person. That certainly takes more heart than just signing a cheque would.

But the point of my post isn’t to talk about two people I do not know and their efforts to help those around them. Instead I hope that by putting this on paper/screen it will create at least the smallest reaction. I always liked the notion from the Pay it Forward movie. Heck I think that if we could all just take one selfless act a day to make somebody else’s life better, we would actually start getting somewhere.

Its not the small battles we win each day that matters but instead the fact that when its all over we can look back and feel confident that we always had the best intentions and actually improved the quality of life of those we came in contact with.