Good Weekend So Far

So far so good…

Spent yesterday on the road.
:: Visited my big bro and his family
:: Shot lots of video and stills (may post later)
:: Had a cookup by a lakeside while my boyfriend went fishing

Note: No fish were harmed during the shooting of our fun day. In fact none were even seen :-). Maybe we will have better luck tomorrow. Looks like my man needs to be taught a thing or two on the ol’fish catchin’. Perhaps I feel a contest coming on.

Messenger 3.5 for Mac

Finally downloaded the latest version of Messenger for Mac. It has an archive feature built in. Very nice. I always hated that it didnt have an archive function. I think the archive was the ONLY thing I liked about icq. Actually the words liked and icq just don’t look right in the same sentence. Also the click & change name ability is pretty cool.

WO Aaron Murphy Wins The Lord Strathcona Medal

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of attending my younger brother‘s Annual Ceremonial Review. Yes that’s right I said pleasure. In the past I avoided this event like the plague. However I enjoyed last night’s ceremony very much.

The highlight of the evening was during the awards presentation when Aaron was awarded The Lord Strathcona Medal. It was great to see him get something that I know he has worked very hard for. It was also nice to hear the loud “YES!!!” resound from my parents when his name was announced.

Aaron is a Warrant Officer for the 2415 Gonzaga Army Cadets and hopes to continue his advanced training this summer by completing the Parachutist Course. Most recently, he attended a special training camp called exercise “Sub-Zero” in Wentworth, Nova Scotia. He was one of the 16 Cadets chosen to attend from Atlantic Canada.