Weekend Camping Trip

Just got home from a weekend camping trip. It was a good weekend overall however things didn’t quite start off that way. The place where we usually camp is approximately a 1.5 hour drive from our house in Green’s Harbour. We arrived approximately 9pm on Friday evening only to discover that I had left the tent polls at home. I was quite literally not a happy camper. Luckily my bro offered us a corner in his mansion of a tent so all worked out well. Shane and I returned home at 6am on Saturday to get our polls and managed to get back to campsite fast enough to make it seem as if nothing really happened. In any event it was a nice break to be out of the city for a few days.

Moral of the story – mark something off your list as packed only after you place it in the tent bag versus just after you have laid it beside the tent bag.

Happy Bday Sammy!

My niece Samantha is turning 13 today. I am amazed at how she has grown up over the past few years. Not only is she an awesome big sis to her brother Arnold (no other can make him laugh the way she does) but she is a pretty awesome gal overall.

I am quite proud that everyone calls her my own personal “mini-me”. Happy Birthday buddy!!

Shane is Blogging! (Another SharePointer)

Wow! After months and months of nagging – it happened. Shane has finally started blogging. Mind you he has had many websites over the years that in my opinion served to be exactly what blogs are today but that is another story.

Shane is a graphics / css guru and has been doing web design & development for over 10 years. He’s won a tonne of design awards over the years and has recently taken a liking to SharePoint. Who can blame him right? So expect to learn a thing or two about SharePoint customization from his blog.

He is the guy who designed our corporate site which happens to be a SharePoint site. As well he did the site for our .NET User Group which is also SharePoint. He also put a great deal of effort into SharePoint Nation which is the user group site we will be launching VERY VERY soon. But I am guessing once he starts in with his blog you will get to see lots of his stuff. In fact I give him a few days and he will have that MovableType stylesheet demolished.

So please welcome yet another SharePoint blogger to the family. Shane will also be at Tech Ed this year too so for those of you meeting up with us for the SharePoint gathering, we will see you there!

My Big Bro

I have many fond memories as a child of the totally cool inventions and creations of my (much) older bro. Between go-karts, snow forts, treehouses, costumes (this list could go on and on) – we always had a riot. I totally lucked out in the big bro category! It was really worth the scatter “glo-ball” in the face.

Sam and Arnold are totally lucky to have a dad that is so creative. I mean what other dad would rig up a Sponge Bob costume on a Tuesday evening (after probably a 12 hour work day) for something to do with his daughter?



He’s still my hero! :)

Congrads Shane!

Shane (my boyfriend) recently won a design contest held at one of the Colleges here in NL. Very cool! His redesign is pretty sweet looking and I was going to post it with this entry…but then I realized they probably wouldn’t want it exposed yet until they are ready to launch. Since they are handing him over $2K for the deal…I feel I must respect their wishes.

./me ponders what kind of cool present he will buy her with his winnings. Just kidding!!

As you can see from looking at their existing site, a redesign is definitely in order. He also recently did some slick designs for a couple of personal projects that I am working on. I will release more detail on that stuff once I get off my butt and launch ‘em. Hmm I guess I should be buying HIM a cool present…