Xbox 360: NHL 2007

Finally a decent hockey game has been released for the Xbox 360 console!  I have always been a fan of the EA Sports NHL series and was pretty rotted when I brought my 360 that there was no version of the 2006 game available.  The Rockstar series just didn’t cut it at all for me.  In fact it was probably my biggest disappointment of all the games I have played for the 360.

Today Shane picked up NHL 2007 for me and man oh man…it ROCKS!  The graphics are amazing and the new stick controls just bring a whole new level of interactivity to the game.  Even though I lost my first game..*cough* cheap goal * was still awesome. 

Unfortunately the last thing I need right now is a killer game to act as a distraction from the sky high pile of things Shane and I have on our plates.  However I am hoping that a 15-20 minute game will help us recharge in between tasks so it will in fact help our productivity.  At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Xbox 360: Cranium Pop5 Videos

Looks like the guys from the Gamerscore blog were having some fun creating videos acting out some of the scenarios from Cranium.  You can see a list on their blog post of the videos they created but my personal fave was this one.  It’s proof that there is just no way to hide that giant power adapter…it will in fact pop up anywhere.

I have always been a fan of Cranium so I look forward to checking this out though I am not sure how close to the real thing it will get.

Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility Update

I noticed from the Xbox team blog today that there have been a load of new games added to the supported by Xbox 360 list.  This is great news as my gen 1 games list is pretty massive but I haven’t been playing them at all since I got my 360.  In fact my old Xbox has been nothing more than a bedroom DVD player. 

My favorite new edition to this list is Links 2004 as I really loved that game and have not been a big fan of the Tiger Woods series over the past couple of years.  Arnold will be impressed that Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart has made the list. 

See the list of updated backwards compatible games here.

Xbox 360 Live Marketplace: Texas Hold’Em – Free for 2 Days

I just read on the gamerscore blog that Texas Hold’Em will be released for Xbox 360 next Wednesday and will be free for 2 whole days.  What this means I assume is that you can download the full unlocked version of the game for those 2 days.  Nice!

Because I love these promos but constantly forget about them when the time comes – I have created an Outlook alert to remind us of it.  No applause necessary – thank you!

Download Appointment Here

It would be cool if they do more stuff like this and maybe offer free downloads of content for those that have uber high gamerscores.  Like for example offer a full download of a game for several days to all members that have a 10000+ gamerscore.  Granted my pathetic score would never see any free stuff but I think it would be cool to offer extra incentives to those that have obviously gone the extra mile with gaming on the platform.

Xbox 360: Frogger Love

While I have quite a full plate this weekend working on some of our various SharePoint 2007 projects, I did decide that I also had to fit a little Xbox 360 luvin into my schedule.  Thanks for the reminder Matt! 

I just downloaded Frogger from the Xbox Live Marketplace.  How cool is that?!?  I have to say I am really becoming a fan of these simple arcade games that are available in the marketplace.  I spent about an hour earlier this morning playing Condemned and then started to feel real guilty for not working so I had to quit on a scene that really could have used more time.  But I took a 20 minute break just a few minutes ago (OK 25 minutes counting the time it is taking me to write this post) and I didn’t have to feel guilty at all.  The arcade games make it easy to waste 15-20 minutes without becoming too much of a time suck.

See here for more of the arcade goodness coming down the pipes.  I can’t wait for Pacman! New Features : Message Center

A few weeks ago there was an update to Xbox Live and that allowed you to add friends online via the website. This was an awesome addition since many times when I am talking to people online they will tell me their gamertag and but by the time I log into my Xbox 360 – the information has long left my little brain. Now if I am chatting with someone I can jump right into my Xbox profile and add them.

What is even better now is the upgrade that took place earlier this week that allows you to send messages to people on your friends list through your browser via the site. This is the perfect way to line up some gaming prior to firing up your xbox. Not to mention I can type messages much fast with my keyboard than i can with a game controller.

Long Weekend

It’s a long weekend and my body (and mind) needs it. Easter weekend is a major time of reflection for me so I won’t be online as much. Though that is not to say I won’t be spending some time kicking back and catching up on my gaming.

The SharePoint 2007 posts will be continuing after this weekend. Thanks for all the positive feedback. I have lots more material to cover yet so no worries. Plus Shane and I have a few more surprises up our sleeves so stay tuned.

In the meantime, for your entertainment / education value I strongly recommend the following:

  • The On 10 Series is turning into a favorite of mine since they are including content close to my heart (Xbox) as well as lots of other interesting pieces. Recently they had a funny show with Major Nelson. Too bad they didn’t have more questions…so the people in the forums could have won more prizes.
  • I posted the link to view the archive of our first INETA Live! webcast with Chris Pels and Thom Robbins called “So You Want to Hold a Code Camp”. If you are a community enthusiast in the dev community – I highly recommend checking this out. See for details.
  • Xbox 360: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    So I have had my Xbox 360 for almost 5 months now. Crazy how times flys! Unfortunately I haven’t had quite the amount of time I would have liked to play it but I have been really making the time over the past couple of weeks. Shane surprised me with a copy of Oblivion a couple of weeks back when it came out and I absolutely love it! Every now and then you get a game that sucks you in and this is the first as such for me in a while. I think the last was Fable.

    The loading can take a while at times but its definitely worth wait as the gameplay makes up for it as does the uber cool graphics. I haven’t progressed overly far yet but I am enjoying the challenge as the game is not too easy but not so hard that I have to pull my hair out completing the quest events.

    The more I play RPG games like this on the console, the more I find myself wishing there was a MMORPG component that allowed me to connect to Live and interact with other players as I could with previous computer based games such as Asheron’s Call or WoW. I never thought I would prefer console gaming over the computer but I think the time has come since my current desktop hasn’t loaded a game in nearly 12 months. Heck I can even play Q2 on my Xbox 360 now. =-)