No More Comments…For Now

Unfortunately given the latest blasting of comment spam I have received I have had no other choice but to disable comments from my weblog. It really bothers me that I have to give in like this to the bullies but at this point, having 30,000 unapproved comments means I can’t reasonably find any legitimate conversations anyhow.

The same goes for Trackbacks – while they are still enabled on my older posts, I will be disabling them over the next while. Unfortunately I do not know of a way to globally disable trackbacks across all my historical posts so I guess I will have to manually disable them one post at a time. Ewww.

I think this means it’s time for me to move to a new posting engine. I have a blog site template created from a long time ago on SharePoint that I never launched so maybe I will use that. Might be a bit of fun and a good dogfood example if nothing else. I’ll just have to get Shane to make me a l33t Xbox skin for it.

In the meantime, if you have something to say in response to anything I am writing, please don’t hesitate to email me. I still love to hear from you!

Over 2 Years Blogging

Wow I just realized by looking at my archives that I have been blogging for over 2 years now. Over 380 posts and counting. Not including the 100 or so I lost due to db issues about a year ago. That is pretty crazy when I stop to think about it.

It’s been an awesome ride so far. I cannot count the number of AMAZING people I have had the pleasure of meeting or the doors that have been opened to me because of my weblog. My views of “community involvement” have completely changed and my addiction has grown even stronger.

I have even accomplished my goal of getting Shane to blog. Now I just have to work on my big bro.

The First Post is the Hardest…

Wow can’t believe I haven’t posted anything for 2 weeks. Things have been crazy but I figured I would throw something up here to break the silence and possibly get me back into the swing again.

I’ve been on the road a bit over the past few weeks. But it’s good to be home for a while now. There is nothing like being away to make me realize just how much I love our little house.

Shane and I had a blast at Tech Ed in Orlando last week. It was just awesome. An amazingly well run event, a tonne of great new friends, and I may have even learned a new thing or two along the way. :)

I will do a better write up on those experiences later this weekend but for now I figured I would link to some of our pics from our week in Florida for those that have been asking to see them.

This is a pic of Shane and I by the pool at our hotel. I received a lot of comments from the people I met at Tech Ed that read my blog that they had no idea what I looked like so I guess I will try and post more pics here now. Click the pic to see the rest.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my friend John Porcaro on his 15 years at Microsoft. Very impressive! I can’t imagine what an exciting ride it must have been. But I am sure there will be lots of great things to come as well (*cough* May 12th *cough*).

John’s an awesome representation of the type of people that make Microsoft great. He goes out of his way to reach out and help customers and is very passionate about what he does. All the stuff that makes a difference in this crazy world we live in. Congrads John!

Almost Back

It’s been a while since my last post. I pulled my weblog offline for a short while due to a change I had to make in hosting providers and some issues I was experiencing with my previous configuration. I am currently in the processing of restoring my old posts and will then be back to posting as normal.

Lots to write about…

Advice From the Sales Process Diva

Lori Richardson, the sales process diva (I love that title), recently wrote about the great places where a person can find inspiration. She writes:

“When I can’t solve a problem or figure something out, I go somewhere creative. Often it is in a natural setting, because nature is an amazingly creative environment. Other times I will go somewhere like a museum.”

I completely agree!

Once Spring decides to visit our little Island (it’s been invited but hasn’t shown up yet), there will many sunsets viewed by Shane and I from along side our favorite fishing and/or camping spots. It’s when I am kicked back with nothing to listen to but the water brushing gently against the shore and nature’s creatures singing their beautiful songs that I feel most alive and at peace with the world. There are coyotes too but I try and tune those out.

It’s from places like these that I am often able to generate new ideas that would likely never enter my head from behind a desk. As Lori says – “it’s a great way to look at things with new eyes.”

Also a great reason to have a Tablet or Pocket PC handy at all times.

Blogs As Conversations

Jim Edelen makes a couple of good points regarding Blogs as Conversations, a concept recently touched on by the Blog King himself. In particular, he brings up an issue that I myself have struggled with in the past. When a person comments on my weblog (although sadly this doesn’t happen very often *Sniff*), I usually like to respond to their comment. I want to have conversations with the people that take the time to reply to something I have said. I want to get to know the people that visit my site. However, I wonder sometimes if I should be emailing them or reply on my weblog.

Often quite frankly I do both.

Why email? Well because I want that person to know that I have replied to what they said and appreciate their comments. I don’t want to be so bold as to assume they will return to my site to see if I have responded. Also it’s my way of opening the door for further communication.

Why post? Well I post so that others can see a response and maybe that might encourage them to join in on the conversation. If not hopefully I might answer a question they may have had.

But the bottom line is, that I like Jim, do not know what the best way to improve blogs as conversations is. I do believe that they are an excellent tool in starting conversations and building relationships because I have been lucky enough to have experienced both first hand. Hopefully as more and more tools are developed and expanded, I am confident that we will find a way to deal with the information overload issue better. For now I guess we will just have to get by with less than perfect methods to facilitate these conversations.