Internet Explorer 7 and InfoPath

There are definately some issues with existing InfoPath forms, I had some problems with InfoPath forms that I use on a regular basis not being able to open (Throwing cannot create DataObject errors).

Unfortunately it was enough for me that I had to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 (for now). The uninstall process is not overly intuative and it actually took a few minutes to figure out exactly what to do.

A little advice on Internet Explorer 7 – Prior to installation (or during) it will ask you about backing up IE 6. (Make sure you do it).

To uninstall the program you need to go to Add/Remove Programs and then click the “Show Updates” button. That is where it’s hiding.

On the off chance that you are trying to uninstall and ‘didn’t’ back-up IE 6 during the install I have come across this tidbit of information that may or may not help.

** Note – I have not tried this and cannot vouch for it’s reliability or usage – use completely at your own risk **

There is a $uninstallie7beta (or similar name) folder in the Windows folder. Within that folder is another folder called spuninst (or similar) and it has a .exe that launches the uninstall program.

The problem is when you click on it you get a msg that says you have to run it from the same acct as you installed from.

Simply edit the spuninst.inf file in the folder, scroll down to the section “Prerequisite” and remove those 2 lines. Save the file, and viola! The uninstalled worked beautifully and IE6 is back.