Top 10 Rules of Performance

Chris Anderson pointed to a great post on The Ten Rules of Performance. I find it very cool that it originates from 7 years ago and is still a great read. It just goes to show that the fundamentals on good practices don’t always change as fast as the technology they are applied to.

A couple of excerpts:

“If you?re serious about performance, you must start thinking about it when you begin designing your code and can only stop thinking about it when the final golden bits have been sent to manufacturing. In between, you must never, ever stop testing, analyzing and working on the performance of your code. Slowness is insidious ? it will sneak into your product while you?re not looking. The price of speed is eternal vigilance.”


“Also, don?t fall in love with your code. Most programmers take a justifiable pride in the code that they write and even more pride in the overall design of the code. However, this means that many times when you point out to them that their intellectually beautiful design causes horrendous performance problems and that several changes are going to be needed, they tend not to take it very well. ?How can we mar the elegance and undeniable usability of this design?? they ask, horrified, adding that perhaps you should look elsewhere for your performance gains. Don?t fall into this trap. A design that is beautiful but slow is like a Ferrari with the engine of a Yugo ? sure, it looks great, but you certainly can?t take it very far. Truly elegant designs are beautiful and fast.”

New Virus Nastiness Spreading!!

Executable attachments can be bad, mmmkay? from KC Lemson. Yet another one of those really cool MS gals.

This new virus is already turning out to be a major pain in the butt for us. While noone at our office has gotten it specifically, our inboxes are getting hammered with massive numbers of these infested messages. Plus as an ISP with thousands of subscribers we can always count on a rough couple of weeks whenever things like this break out. Whoppee with a side dish of sarcasm!!!

And children don’t forget, a little protection and prevention can go a long way in the world of Internet Security.

Rory Blyth ROX DotNetRocks

Just listened to the latest DotNetRocks. It featured Rory Blyth. That guy seems just as funny live (well kinda live) as he does in his blog. He has some pretty cool stuff to say about .NET and the coding community too.

I really enjoy this show – its features interesting members of the tech community and has great conversations on development practices and technology without going so deep that a non-coder like myself feels out of place listening.

Gals and Gadgets??

What is this world of ours coming to?? Last week it was announced that women are gaming. This week the world finds out that we are buying electronics too. Amazing however that I still get treated like I have the IQ of lemon Jello whenever I walk into an electronics department / store…probably a reason I buy so much stuff online. Actually no I am lying – I buy stuff online because shopping malls make me queezy.

The New IPod Minis

When I first read the news from MacWorld, I was impressed with the new smaller colourful ipod minis. But then I read a little deeper and saw that they were only 4gbs. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had a 6gb mp3 player for the past 2 years and haven’t come close to filling it up (I am not that much of a music fiend).

But strictly from a price point perspective, I can’t see why someone would pay $249 for a 4gb player when they can get a 15gb for just $50 more. Plus let’s face it, they aren’t really THAT much smaller and the ipod is a fairly sweet size anyways.

Of course, I am a gadget junkie so who knows what will happen when I get one of those babies in my hand. But from a distance, I can’t see myself buying one of these anytime soon.

Keyboard Layouts

Ok if I didn’t know any better, I would be convinced that my boss, Steve wrote this post.

Possibly the only time in my career with our company that I have ever seen him come close to “losing it” was over a keyboard that had a poor layout.

All jokes aside I have the particular keyboard that scotg is referring to (at work and home actually) and I love it. But I have to agree those couple of keys are a bit strange. I noticed it first when I changed because I would be playing Asheron’s Call and I had my keyboard mapped a certain way. There was a span of a few days where I was constantly getting killed because my keys were not where they were supposed to be. Also I have experienced some pain over the placement of the “insert” key. One day I swear I spent 10 minutes just staring at the keyboard trying to find one other than on the number pad. When I finally did locate it I wasn’t very impressed.

Which raises the point, why do hardware manufacturers mess around with layouts so often. Take motherboards for example. If you have ever built any number of pcs you know that pretty much anything goes for layout. I have had boards where you had to remove a hard drive and video card just to get at the darn memory slots. Not to mention the number of injuries I have obtained trying to stick my hard down between a bunch of devices to access one measly item. And I have wimpy girl hands. Figuring that most people assembling pcs are males, how the heck do they do it. And don’t even get me started on trying to hook up the power, reset, and led switches…