EasyForms Web Parts for SharePoint Released

What is Team Tools – EasyForms?

SharePoint lists are a great place for creating quick and easy to use data stores for information. They are easy to create and can store a variety of types of information such as tasks, issues, requests, ideas, contacts etc… Creating lists is easy and a huge part of how SharePoint is used.

In many organizations, lists are created throughout portal areas, site collections and workspaces for teams to collect information and collaborate with each other.

EasyForms is a web part for SharePoint that allows you to connect customizable forms to SharePoint lists and then place those forms on any page. This means we can have a single list hosted on a SharePoint site but it can be fed from a variety of locations through EasyForms.

Example #1: The IS team in your organization collect service requests from all departments in the organization so they have a list on SharePoint for tracking these requests. Rather than having users log into the IS team’s SharePoint site to post issues, you can instead drop an EasyForms web part on each divisional site and connect it to the IS team site. Users can post directly to a single centralized list without leaving their own site.

Example #2: The HR Division has created a feedback list for all employees to fill out whenever they want to voice their opinion on topics. The posted information is considered to be highly confidential and should only be viewed by a select group of users. To accomplish this, they create a list on their private team site and place an EasyForms web part on an area of their portal that is visited by all users. The form submits the information directly to the SharePoint site using impersonation.

Example #3: You want to have a single calendar on your portal that displays every member of your company that is out of the office on a given day. Not every user will feel like navigating to this list every time they need to book time off. Instead they would prefer to submit the information from their MySite since that is the site that is set to be their home page. To facilitate this, you create a custom list with a variety of custom views. You then drop an EasyForms web part on the shared view of each user’s My Site to make it easy for all users to post to a central list without having to visit the area of the portal that the list is hosted on.

Example #4: You want to collect information from a group of users and have the data selected back to a private team site.  You create a basic web part page and drop EasyForms onto the page and use its impersonation capabilities to post to the private site without requiring the individual users to have access directly.  This is something I do on a regular basis for INETA using my user group site to collect registrations for our webcast series.  See a live example here.

In short, the number of ways this web part can be used is unending. We have been using a previous version of this web part in our company for the last 3 years. We are excited to finally have the opportunity to share it with the rest of you.

Key Features:
Tool Pane Form Management featuring:

  • Automatically populated drop-down containing all sub-sites/webs of the current site/web. (Or you can specify your own URL)
  • Automatically populated drop-downs of all lists available for the selected site/web.
  • On-screen display of all columns (fields) in the list allowing you to show/hide them from the form’s view.
  • Style-sheet (CSS) editor
  • Display a custom introduction message
  • Ability to hyperlink to the associated list
  • Redirect to another page after form submission
  • Display a custom message after form submission
  • Place your form on ANY page. Unlike the default behavior you can place your form on any page simply by dragging the web part onto the page.
  • Customizable Per Instance. You can customize each form individually even if they are on the same page.


The Form Manager (Web Part Properties/Tool-Pane)


The Stylesheet Editor

The Form/Web Part as it looks in use

You can download a 30 day trial of Team Tools – EasyForms from our website.

Note this post has been edited from it’s original form (which was a request for beta participants) to account for the release of the product.