SharePoint Evolution Conference in London, England

I have the honor of presenting in 2 weeks time at the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London, England.  The conference is a biggie for anyone interested in SharePoint 2010 as the content is 100% focused on the new release which will be launched just a month after the conference on May 12th. 

From the Conference Website

What is it?

This 3 day SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference, consists of over 70 Sessions dedicated to IT Pro’s/Developers/Designers/Information Workers/Business Adoption and Power Users and with a new Deep Dive 400 track and 5th Power User Track added this is set to be Europe’s Premier SharePoint Conference for 2010!

Why you should attend

If you attend one SharePoint conference for SharePoint 2010 in Europe Here are just a few reasons why you should attend the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London on April 19th to 21st 2010

  • The conference is dedicated to SharePoint
  • Born from the very successful Best Practices conference in 2009 hailed by many as the best SharePoint conference ever.
  • Sessions list second to none, speaker list second to none.
  • 55 Expert SharePoint speakers from Microsoft and well known companies. Never before has such a group of talented speakers like this been brought together.
  • About My Session:

    Managing Documents Effectively with SharePoint 2010

    Tuesday, April 20th @ 2PM

    Since SharePoint was introduced nearly a decade ago, many organizations have embraced the tool as a mechanism to adopt better document management practices.  

    While the platform provides features and functionality to support effective document management and collaboration, without proper planning and governance, many organizations fail at recognizing the true potential of what SharePoint can offer. 

    During this session, we will review the core pillars of an effective document management solution and discuss how SharePoint 2010 can be configured to support these.   This session will address important  concepts such as:

    • Creating an effective and reusable classification plan using the new and improved tools in SharePoint 2010 that optimizes stakeholders ability to find the right document at the right time.
    • Designing taxonomies and hierarchies to support business goals for collaboration while also ensuring maximum performance and security.
    • Implementing document content types in a way that allows for more effective and governed document management, without adversely impacting how users like to work.
    • Managing the document lifecycle from creation to expiration.

    This will be my first trip to the UK and I am pretty excited about it.  If you are going to be there.  Drop me a line via comments or my About Me page to let me know.