Things That Make You Go GRRRR

So in the past 12 months or so I have really been trying to take to the concept of television more since I pay $150 per month to a cable company but have traditionally not watched TV. The problem with TV has always been that I prefer to set my schedule rather than have someone else do it for me. That is unless they are paying me generously in which case…you say…I do.

Of course PVRs (or in my case my Media Center PC) opened up a whole new set of doors with respect to this concept of television as it became very easy for me to say “record this series” leaving me free to come back at a time convenient for me and watch whatever shows had accumulated.

Now I have an interesting new problem. Apparently television shows no longer come on weekly. Instead new episodes sneak in every 2-3 weeks and an entire series can disappear for weeks on end and no one really knows why. For example, I have recently taken a liking to House, Lost and Desperate Housewives. Yet when I checked my recorded shows after being on the road for a couple of weeks, I either find reruns (even though technically we are in a new season for all of these) or nothing at all.

Is it the TV networks way of getting back at us for not following their schedules and evolving to a life that suits us better?

Comment Spam Frustration

So aside from not posting for a couple of weeks, I have also fell down on the job with respect to managing my comments (approving / deleting etc…). Today I logged into my admin area to discover I have over 16,000 comments. I’m pretty sure I don’t have THAT many engaged readers. With a number that large, it is really difficult for me to approve any comments for display on my site. In fact with that many it is just plain impossible for me to read / find any of the legit comments. So in summary, if you have left me a comment over the past couple of weeks – please don’t be offended by the fact that I haven’t approved it. As always feel free to ping me if you have any questions or comments on anything I write.

Soggy Cornflakes

So I wake up this morning in my hotel feeling happy that after a very busy week on the road…I am heading home.  I start packing everything up – all the while puzzled as to how everything can go in my suitcase with room to spare on the way up – but it is such a struggle to get everything to fit on the way back, no matter how I fold or arrange stuff.

Then I get a call from the Front Desk asking me what the license plate of my car is.  I suddenly feel a little sick because I doubt this is a courtesy call offering me a complimentary car wash.  Nope turns out someone backed into my rental car in the parking lot and left a major dent in front.  Luckily the lady was decent enough to report it so I remained calm and didn’t get upset.  Although I must admit that I really wanted to…

So now I’m sitting here in the airport…cranky…and wondering how much a pain in the butt this is all going to be.  Apparently all I have to do is report the damage to my credit card company (I was using their collision coverage) and it should all resolve itself.  But somehow I have my doubts.

Anyone else ever have this happen?  Drop me a line.

Buried in Snow…Again!

I can’t believe it’s March and we still had to shovel our driveway for an hour and a half after we got home from work just to fit our tiny little car in.

I really can’t stand to look at this white stuff anymore…anyone doing SharePoint in Hawaii? Tahiti? Heck anywhere where it doesn’t snow 6 months a year?

Oh well hopefully only two more months left :(

No Season…No Real Surprise

I am really surprised at the fact so many claim to be shocked over the announcement today. Certainly people must have seen this coming. How great a season would it have really been even if the sides did come to an agreement? I have been a massive hockey fan since I was a tot. But frankly I just can’t get excited anymore this year over this strike. The system is broken and it needs to be fixed / rebuilt. I look forward to when this has happened.

The people I feel bad for are those (no not the players / owners) that make a living from the games and associated business – I am sure they have reason to be disappointed from the news today.

Painful Sentences

I finished reading Difficult Conversations a while ago…now I think I am going to write a book called “Painful Sentences” and this one will be in the first chapter:

Additional information about this feature will be provided on the Web. For the latest information, see | Enter url that points to same darn outdated file |.

STOP THE MADNESS!!! So frustrating.

Note to Self: Post some warm fluffy stuff later…sounding too negative.

Colour Me Sooky

Just finished typing up a long post that I considered both insightful and brilliant. Well not really but it was pretty damn decent. Then the power goes. Only for 10 seconds but just enough for me to lose my post. So I am dedicating this entry to the post that never was. Maybe if I feel like it I will try again later but for now I must go drown my frustrations and BBQ with my man. At least if the power goes again, we can still eat.

Yup that’s right, its -8 outside and we are grilling baby!! See I feel better already.

Gender Bias for the Apprentice??

Alison Overholt posts an interesting piece over on the Fast Company Blog about Trump’s “The Apprentice” show and a recent article published in Newsweek. She raises a good point in saying that the article’s gender emphasis on the female participants is unfair. I agree completely with Allison.

However, unfortunately I can’t help but feel that these particular women haven’t done a great job at positioning themselves as equals in the show or the business world. I still can’t get the garbage that took place during the first few episodes out of my head. What WAS that?? As I watched I suddenly felt my knees buckle as any progress that those of us have made in the business world got tossed aside like a piece of ratty cardboard. (Not really but I am trying to stress my displeasure with their behaviour)

In my opinion the women participants were acting like idiots by implying through their actions that they didn’t need real skill to succeed…they could just flash a little booty and men would give them whatever they wanted. As well even after those games ended, the lack of emotional control and constant bickering from some of the participants was just unacceptable. Not a great display of the real skills a woman (or man) can bring to the boardroom table in my opinion.

I didn’t care that the women were winning in the early episodes – in fact I started rooting for the guys. It was only when Donald told the girls to knock it off that I started to really enjoy the show. I mean it’s STILL Reality TV but it is better than most.

All that being said, when it comes to turning around those rinky dink pretend projects over the span of a couple of days – I could kick all their asses any day of the week.

I Feel Dirty

Just before heading out of the office to spend the day at a client’s, I received an IM from one of my co-workers stating that he just received a message from one of my accounts that had a virus attached to it. Ewwww!!

Instantly I started to itch from head to toe. However all I could do at the time was yank out the network cable from my machine and run out the door. All the while feeling very uneasy. I don’t open suspicious email. I keep all my machines well patched. I have Norton Antivirus installed and up to date with definitions. I never really download much except from legitimate sites. Yet I can’t help but wonder if my skin is about to fall off any minute.

I proceeded through my nearly 5 hour long seminar / demo on Project Server and Sharepoint (went well thanks) but all the while in my head I was wondering if I was indeed infected.

So now I sit here shivering, even after scanning every machine I own and reading on Symantec?s site that the latest threat (which looks like a bad one) spoofs the sender address (which I suspected anyhow). Yet I still feel dirty.

Frosty the Snowgeek

OK that’s it!! I have to declare that I am living in the wrong place. This winter has by far been a fabulous one for here due to the lack of major snowfall. However that doesn’t change the misery I have experienced this week one bit. We have had a handful of snowfalls since the new year and each time we do it?s the same thing. Virtually non-existent snow clearing by our lovely municipal clown council and a bunch of drivers that should NOT be allowed on the road. Seriously, I almost got clipped about 20 times on my way to work today by people who don’t know how to drive. Then there are those that will drive under 20 as soon as the first snow flake hits the ground thus backing traffic up for miles.

Now don’t get me wrong. You might have just categorized my mini-rage as the product of someone who might be an aggressive driver. I am quite the opposite actually. My boyfriend calls me Miss Daisy on a fairly regular basis. But what is up with it taking me over an hour (an hour and a half today) to get to work when I live 12 minutes from the office. I need to install an espresso machine in my car – I am sure there is a mod-site on the web that could show me how.

I know I should be grateful that we haven’t been getting dumped on like we have over the past few years. But I can’t help but wonder how nice it would be to complain about the sand filling up in my sandals as I walked down the beach to work each day. :-)