SharePoint Portal Server 2003: Adding a Template to Top Level Portal Site Template Gallery

While this tip is nothing truly innovative or new to most of my readers, it is something I get emailed questions on fairly regularly. Apparently I left a comment on another blogger’s site in the past telling them to email me for help with the problem they were having so as a result when people search for an answer, they seem to get my uninformative comment.


If you have a custom site template that you have created and you wish to make that available at the top level (ie: from when you select “Create Site” from Sites Directory), you need to run the following from the command line using stsadm.exe:

stsadm.exe -o addtemplate -filename <filename> -title <template title> -description <description of the template>

You may also need to reset IIS after you are done in order for it to appear in gallery.

Mapping a New Site Collection to a Specific Content DB

Bill English had an interesting post on creating a top level site in a specific content database that falls in the “Duh why didn’t I think of that”category for me. While I agree with him that this isn’t a solution for everyone and really should only be considered when the specific need arises to create a new site collection within a specific content database – I do think it’s worth sticking in my bag of tricks since from time to time, it is a question I get asked.

New to Development?

As a .NET user group leader I am always on the look out for good development resources for all experience levels. That is why I thought this “New to Development” portal set up by the ASP.NET team is absolutely fantasic! It contains a series of How to Videos that walk a new developer through topics such as working with web parts, master pages and localization with ASP.NET 2.0. Great for beginners as well as those looking to familiarize themselves with the new framework.

View the ASP.NET 2.0 How to video listing here.

SharePoint Show #2: 105 Features of SharePoint 2007

RELEASED: SharePoint Show #2: 105 Features of SharePoint 2007, with perspectives and insight by Dustin Miller

The show takes you on a 30-minute audio tour of more than 100 features in the new version of SharePoint, along with indepth perspectives on this topic by SharePoint MVP Dustin Miller of SharePoint Experts and SharePoint University. You won’t find this much detail about SharePoint 2007 anywhere else! Don’t miss it! You’ll find The SharePoint Show in iTunes, or go to:

Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007

I was checking out Shane’s post on the announcement of the details for Office 2007. When scanning through the price list I was surprised when I saw the words “Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007″. I know Microsoft purchased UMT recently so they were obviously considering further expansion into that space. But I really don’t know much about that product.

From the SKU Details Document:
Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 will be a top-down portfolio management governance solution. The solution has been designed to help ensure that organizations gain visibility, insight and control over their project, program and application portfolios. Project Portfolio Server’s analytical modules will help ensure that organizations can prioritize, optimize and select the investments that are best aligned with their strategic priorities, and proactively schedule the selected projects to maximize resource utilization across the planning horizon.

This should be very interesting to watch. I have been working on the BETA 1 with Project Server (luvin’ it) but I haven’t seen this product yet so I will be interested in learning more.

In the meantime, I have been really wanting to extend my posts into more knowledge driven material on using some of the existing 2003 application and server products from the Office System. Sharing information on the new platform is exciting for those of us at the bleeding edge but the more I work with customers on the existing platform – the more I realize the need to share information on the Internet for existing products.

The SharePoint Show

From Mark Harrison’s (most awesome) blog, I just discovered the SharePoint Show. It’s a podcast about…well SharePoint as one might suspect. Very cool to see. I need to download it to check it out myself so I can give a proper review but for now feel free to check out yourself.

I also noticed from Mark’s blog that Navigo Systems has been purchased by Mondosoft. Navigo were one of the original companies to demonstrate a solid product in the SharePoint search enhancement space. Should be interesting to see what happens next.

How to Create Alternate Site Collection Paths or Urls for Sites Directory in SharePoint

Sometimes depending on your requirements, you need to create site collections with specific urls beyond the typical http://server/sites/sitename.

Maybe you want to create a url such as http://server/projects/sitename or http://server/teams/sitename.

To do this, you need to go to the SharePoint Central Administration page for Windows SharePoint Services and select “Configure Virtual Server Settings”.

Select your site from the list.

Under the Virtual Server Management options, select “Define Managed Paths”.

At the bottom of the page, enter the path you wish to designate for your site collections. Note that the path should not already be used for something else. Keep that in mind when naming your areas.

Now when you go to a Sites Directory to create a site, your new option will be available for you when you create the url.

Xbox 360 Dashboard Preview

I’ve had my Xbox 360 for about 2 weeks now and I love it more and more each day. To help share some of the reasons why, I have decided to capture some video of the various elements of the Xbox 360 including things such as the new and improved dashboard as well as some of my favorite games.

Preview Video 1 – The Xbox 360 Dashboard

In my opinion, one of the greatest enhancements of the new Xbox is the vastly improved and interactive dashboard system. In this short video, I go through some of my favorite aspects of the dashboard including Xbox Live Arcade and the Windows Media Connect functionality that lets you connect to a PC running either Windows XP or Windows Media Center Edition.

Xbox 360 Video – Dashboard Preview (Low Quality)

Xbox 360 Video – Dashboard Preview (High Quality)