SharePoint MVP Q&A Chat Session – Today, June 23rd

Join us today for a SharePoint MVP Chat at 9AM PDT / 12PM EDT.

Event Details:
Do you have tough technical questions regarding SharePoint for which you’re seeking answers? Do you want to tap into the deep knowledge of the talented Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals? The SharePoint MVPs are the same people you see in the technical community as authors, speakers, user group leaders and answerers in the MSDN forums. By popular demand, we have brought these experts together as a collective group to answer your questions live. So please join us and bring on the questions! This chat will cover WSS, MOSS and the SharePoint 2010. Topics include setup and administration, design, development and general questions.

You can learn more and enter chat room from here.  See you there!

SharePoint Conference 09 – My Sessions

On Wednesday, October 21st at 10:30am in Lagoon H, I will be presenting a session with Jonathan Wynn from Del Monte Foods called Building A Great Intranet: Proven Principles & Best Practices.  This is a topic that I am pretty passionate about so I was thrilled when asked by Microsoft a few weeks back to present it.  My co-presenter, Jonathan, has a great wealth of knowledge and provides a very interesting real world element to the entire presentation.  I am definitely looking forward to this.

Official Description

This session will explore the principles and best practices for making any intranet a great intranet. Join us to learn what matters most to end users and decision makers (you will be surprised) and walk away with practical, simple ways you can increase user participation and drive satisfaction across any organization. Topics discussed will include requirement gathering, design and custom configuration, release, versioning, and ongoing maintenance and improvement.

Amanda’s Translation

Come join us for a jam packed session that will walk through the key things you need to know in order to build your Corporate Intranet on SharePoint effectively and in a way that will result in it being accepted by your users and your business.  This session covers a lot of what to do and what not to do so there won’t be much time for checking your watch or catching up on email. 

DEMO ALERT: Oh and we will even show you a cool demo of an Intranet on a certain upcoming release of a technology that I am not allowed to talk about yet.

Also on Thursday, October 22 at 9am, I will be joining some other UG peeps in Lagoon J for a panel discussion on running a successful SharePoint User Group.  Should be a great session and I am sure I will learn some great tips from my fellow panelists.

Otherwise you can expect to see me hanging about the conference and the various events for the remainder of the week.  Like many of you I am pretty stoked about some of the amazing content that is going to be presented and thrilled that we are finally going to be able to talk more about 2010. 

Accessing SharePoint Document Libraries via Webdav with Windows 7

I spent some time today doing some work on a site whereby I needed to add a large amount of images to the style library of a SharePoint Site Collection.  To speed up the process of course I would select the Open with Windows Explorer option so I could just paste the required files in with ease. 

Instantly I would notice a significant freeze and then subsequently extremely low speeds when uploading.  Since this was my first time experiencing this, I immediately tried a different server to see if the problem had to do with network settings on the server.  I experienced the same thing on multiple servers. 

We then tried to replicate on other desktops and it turned out everything was fine on Vista running IE7 or IE8 connecting to the same document libraries.  Finally in the end, a little searching lead me to the forums where a user had pointed out that this issue can be resolved by going into your IE Settings and turning off Automatically Detect Settings.

So if you run into extremely slow speeds uploading to a SharePoint Document Library via Windows Explorer (Webdav), do the following from IE.

Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings and unselect the option for Automatically Detect Settings.

I was totally surprised that this was the fix so I had to provide some extra search engine love for the forum post that saved me…

SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas – I’ll Be There

Don’t forget to register soon for the SharePoint Conference this fall in Las Vegas.  Apparently things are booking up fast and the conference may soon be selling out.  This is no surprise given to me this is looking to be the biggest / most anticipated SharePoint event ever and virtually EVERYONE I have been talking to is going to be there.  I am no exception as I will be there with bells on.

Today the SharePoint team also released some additional information on some of the sessions you will be able to check out while there.

This event will be extra special for me as not only will I be able to catch up with some old friends and meet some new connections but we are planning to host a virtual user group meeting there in person.  Consider it our way of bringing a little Vegas to all of you that are home and can’t make it out to the big show.  We are still finalizing exact timing as we do not want to interfere with (or miss!) any of the big events or sessions.  More details to come on this.

Also on a personal note, this trip to Vegas will be extra special as I will be checking out the U2 concert on Friday night after the conference! This is a big thrill for me as I have always been a huge fan of U2.  I had no idea they were playing there that week until Shane started scoping out the shows for me.

SharePoint Nation! – Virtual User Group Meeting Featuring a Developer Panel!

Join us on Tuesday, August 18th at 8pm EST as we welcome a developer panel featuring Ed Musters, Geoff Varosky, Paul Schaeflein, Paul Stork and Rebecca Isserman. These guys will be there to answer your questions as well as provide some of their own guidance on topics such as getting started with web part development and the proper implementation of user controls. This event will be hosted by Laura Rogers.

As with all previous meetings, come join us no matter where you are in the world as this meeting will be delivered virtually via Live Meeting. In order to hear audio for the event, you will need to download the Live Meeting client.


You can view the recording for this meeting (and others) via  Stay tuned for upcoming meetings featuring Shane and I presenting on how to Customize the Look and Feel of a SharePoint site and a very special SharePoint Administrator Panel discussion, live from the SharePoint Conference in Vegas!

SharePoint Nation! – Virtual User Group Meeting with Laura Rogers!

Join us Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 at 8pm EST for another SharePoint Virtual User Group Meeting. In this meeting, Laura Rogers will demonstrate just how flexible and useful the Out-of-the-Box Web Parts are in MOSS. She will take a detailed look at the Filter, KPI, Excel Web Access, Outlook Web Access, Business Data Catalog, and Data View Web Parts. She will then look at how to customize some of these web parts using SharePoint Designer while still adhering to the Industry Best Practices. All of this is done without using any code. 

Speaker Biography:

Laura Rogers is currently a SharePoint Administrator at HealthSouth Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama. She started out as a NT 4.0 and Exchange 5.5 Administrator, and has ten years of experience with Microsoft’s messaging and collaboration systems. This includes four years in SharePoint implementation, training, and customization. Laura has been a MCSE since 1999, with her most recent certifications being MCSE 2003 + Messaging, MCTS in MOSS and MCTS in WSS 3.0 Configuration. She was also a contributing author in the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Administrator’s Companion.

Live Meeting Recording

Try InfoPath 2010 and Win an Xbox!

By now most people have heard about the Technical Preview for SharePoint 2010 and hopefully have seen the very cool sneek peek videos that the SharePoint Team has created outlining some of the great things that are coming down the pipe for us in vNext.  If you haven’t, then I suggest you check out the SharePoint Team Blog Post released earlier this week.

So some people might be thinking…sheesh I wish I could participate in a Technical Preview and try out cool new software.  Well guess what, according to the InfoPath team…you can! And you just may win an Xbox for doing so. 

Check out the details here and also you can get a preview of the new InfoPath designer interface!

SharePoint Nation! – Virtual User Group Meeting with Shane Young!

Join us Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 at 8PM EST for our next virtual user group meeting for SharePoint Nation!

Shane Young ( will join us for a very special presentation as we resume regularly scheduled monthly meetings.

Session Overview:
In this session Shane will walk you through common mistakes made during the installation process of SharePoint and give you some tips on keeping your server running in tip-top shape. No death by PowerPoint but more of a hands on review of the server and Central Admin. He may also sneak in some nuggets to help you plan for the future….

PLEASE NOTE: This is a virtual event that is available live online so anyone can attend. It’s just like any other user group meeting but you can connect from anywhere and well…there is no free pizza at the end.

Updated June 8th, 2009

A big HUGE thank you to Shane Young for the presentation he delivered last week.  As always he did a superb job despite some annoying audio problems that we encountered in the beginning. We will have those ironed out in time for our next presentation.

In the meantime, for those looking to view the recording of his presentation, the information is below.

SharePoint Nation! – Virtual UG Meeting #3 – SharePoint Installations
Recording URL:
Recording ID: WGTQ6D
Attendee Key: spn3 

SharePoint vNext is Now Officially Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

After months of people adding their own best guess as to what the next version of SharePoint will be called and of course the announcement a couple of months back that it would not be released in 2009…the official naming is out. 

The next version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 will be Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.  No more Office in the name though as Tom Rizzo points out on the SharePoint blog, that has no reflection or impact on the platform’s ability to work with Office applications.  In my opinion, I think it shows how widely SharePoint is integrated with all aspects of a business and not just a productivity suite.

Check out more details here…

SharePoint Best Practices Conference – San Diego Feb 2-4, 2009

I will be speaking in a few weeks at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in San Diego.  I wasn’t able to attend the last one in Washington DC due to schedule conflicts so I am looking forward to being part of this one.  It promises to be a great event featuring some really top notch presenters and some great virtual friends of mine.

What is it?
This conference goes beyond the how-to’s of SharePoint and delves into real world issues facing successful SharePoint implementations. Learn how to:

  • Make consistent, confident decisions at every level, across your enterprise.
  • Break the cycle of avoidance, disagreement and ignorance that leads to subpar results.
  • Eliminate design, deployment, organizational and administrative confusion.
  • Apply effective SharePoint decision-making in any situation and in turn enhance enterprise communication, collaboration and efficiency – while significantly lowering cost.
  • Replace disorder with clarity, direction and confidence.

Who should attend?
The conference sessions are divided into 6 tracks in order to accommodate topics for SharePoint professionals at every level:

  • IT Pro
  • Developers and Designers
  • Information Worker
  • Information Architect/Taxonomist
  • Project Manager
  • Chief Information Officer

My first session on Tuesday morning focuses on identifying the optimal method for collecting information from users based on your specific requirements.  I find this can often be any area where those starting out at designing solutions might take a wrong turn and select the wrong product / method to suit their situation.  Then I will be presenting again on Wednesday on a session geared around best practices for document management. 

If you are attending, please drop me a line or a comment.  It would be great to see you there!  I also plan on having a few extra copies of our book to hand out while we are there since a lot of what I will cover has already been covered in there.